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    Come check out our new game room. We’ve added games for all ages with a variety of competitive, interactive and redemption games. Keeping with our active play theme, many of our games are activity based to keep the kids moving and fewer than half the games have a video monitor. For your enjoyment, we’ve added some of the latest games, some retro themes and some old time classics.

    Games for all ages and skill levels:

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    Air Hockey

    Sonic Basketball

    Little Speedy Light Attack

    Pirate’s Hook Fishing

    H2Overdrive Boat Racing

    Tower of Power

    Tubin’ Twist

    Mad Wave Motion Theater

    Skee Ball

    Jumpin’ Jackpot Jump rope

    Hammerhead (whack-a-mole)


    Pac Man Ticket Mania

    Up Up and Away

    Raptor Captor

    Pac Man Battle Royale

    Prize Counter

    All our games are family friendly (no guns) and provide hours of family fun.

    And our games use an electronic payment and ticket system to avoid the hassle of tokens and tickets.